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The GMTelCo Communications promise is simple: we will support your telecommunications needs 24/7, 365. Guaranteed. Our team of experts is empowered and trained to assist you in a prompt, professional way to expedite any solutions you may require.

GMTelCo Communications know what it takes to run a successful business. And, we want to provide you with the same tools to achieve your goals.

GMTelCo Communications Approach:

Customized Services Customer Support VOIP Advantage
Assist in training and familiarization with VOIP. 24/7 availability, 365 days.1,2 Fast paced upgrades and modifications
Unique approach to specific needs. Bilingual Staff Better priced than landlines
Complement action plans for your business. Prompt and ready team. Superior quality and accessibility
Update and modify services per customer’s needs. Professional Expertise. Mobility and portability. The office goes with you!
Proactively identify potential issues and needs. Follow up and follow thru. Limited or no contract options available.

Standard Features


VOIP is a methodology employed by a group of technologies for the delivery of voice communications and multimedia sessions over Internet Protocol (IP) networks, such as the Internet. VOIP is a cost effective, high quality alternative to customer looking to minimize their monthly travel costs without risking the quality of connection. Furthermore, compared to traditional connections, the costs associated with conducting communications thru VOIP are significantly lowered due to the better quality, lower costs of the infrastructure used as well as the continuously improved communications structure.

Traditional phone companies maintain obsolete equipment in use and costs associated with maintenance are usually passed on to subscribers. Because the traditional methodology is still in place, special features are normally offered thru subscription plans. With GMTelCo Communications additional customized options are always available at a fraction of the cost.


As the communications alternative of the 21st century, companies are taking notice that VOIP exceeds the demands of both residential and customers. Some standard features line call waiting, voice mail storing, greetings are brought to the next level by using cutting edge technology in smart, innovative way.

Codecs, the use of codecs is what makes VoIP possible, running not only smoothly, but consistently. Voice Over internet Protocol uses computer algorithms called “codecs” to convert the voice signal from your telephone into a digital signal that is then transmitted over the internet. If you are calling a regular telephone number, the signal is then converted back on the other end by switches that are near your terminating phone.

A vast number of codecs that make VoIP work, each with their own function. One of the most common coded is the G.711 codec, which samles audio at 64k times per second, the Voice data being processed multiple times and compressed into a small fragmented package, then reassembled once it reaches the caller on the other end of the line.

This offers greater security, privacy and reliability over the analog lines of other companies. It is an advantage to use the VOIP in the legal field as well as the doctor, since it makes the intervention of any type unlikely, thus ensuring the information of the patient or client when it is transmitted.

Because the information is transmitted digitally and not analogous in GMTelCo Communications we can offer our customers the reliability and security they deserve. Select the features you need and the equipment that complement your operations. We provide you with the option that best fits your needs, one-on-one, guaranteed.

Some features or options may not be available due to local, state or federal laws and regulations such as HIPAA and others.

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